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Teofimo Lopez was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 30, 1997. Soon after, he and his family relocated to Davie, Florida where Lopez continues to reside today. His father, Teofimo Lopez, Sr., began training Lopez in the sport of boxing from the age of 6 and the father and son duo have been inseparable. Although he was always actively involved in several sports as a child, success in boxing came naturally. Over the years, this young fighter maintained a strict training and workout regiment that lead to his monumental success and achievements. Determined to realize his goal of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist, Teofimo focused all his efforts on representing the USA in the Olympics in Brazil 2016.

Teofimo's hard work paid off by winning everything necessary to represent USA, including winning the 2016 Olympic Trails tournament at the 132 lbs weight class. However, due to a technicality ruling by AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) Teofimo, after earning his spot, was unfortunately told that he could not fight on the USA Olympic Team. His parents were born in Honduras, making Teofimo eligible for their National Team, and now he is the entire Olympic Boxing team for Honduras. Destined for greatness Teofimo Lopez is determined to make his mark in boxing and is posed to reach the highest pinnacle in the sport.

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Boxing Accomplishments


  • 2016 Pre-Olympics Continental Qualifier Silver Medalist
  • 2016 Men's Boxing Olympic Team Trial Champion 132lbs
  • 2015 Men's State Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2015 National Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2015 Olympic Trials Qualifier Champion & Outstanding Male Boxer
  • 2015 Can-Am Altercation Champion & Best Boxer (International)
  • 2015 USA vs ENGLAND Duel Champion (International)
  • 2014 Youth National Bronze Medallist
  • 2014 Men's State Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2013 National Silver Glove Champion
  • 2011 Title National Champion
  • 2011 Platinum Gloves Champion
  • 2010 National Pal Bronze Medallist
  • 2010 National Junior Golden Gloves Runner Up
  • 2009 Ringside Classic Champion
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